C O L L E C T I O N S was born out of a love of vintage between two best friends in a basement in Williamsburg in 2011. The store began as a party, thrown on Friday nights, where the pair would sell timeless pieces they’d collected to a small group of their friends. Today, it’s evolved into a brick-and-mortar in Bushwick whisking customers out of the hubbub of the city into a high-fashion oasis.


We believe fashion should be fun, accessible, and inclusive of all body shapes, gender identities, and paychecks. A lot of clothing used to be made in the US, and made to last. These days, fast fashion is disposable, bad for the environment, and falls apart after a few wears. C O L L E C T I O N S focuses on finding those timeless pieces that you dreamed of having in your closet one day, and passing on to your children. 


We all have those photos of our parents, or our grandparents, and their immaculate clothing. A garment can hold nostalgic and historic value—we can feel our grandmothers, and our grandfathers, in certain pieces. We love to think about the journey of each piece we find—the life it had with a past wearer, the parties it attended, and the new adventures we can give it today. 


It’s important to live consciously. Knowing where you are putting your energy and money. And to feel good in what you’re wearing. We’re invested in making sure our pieces are made from quality fabrics, that they fit well on all types of bodies, and that they’re making interesting statements with color, texture, and pattern. If you want to have a Balenciaga moment, or a Celine moment, or even Gucci, you can definitely do that with pieces we find, because we keep those most talented of design houses, all of which draw inspiration from vintage, in our minds when we’re shopping. 


Above all, we want to bring quality, timeless pieces back into the lives of our customers. It’s fashion for all. Vintage for all.